You simply have to love him!

The Kuckoo Camper Model “Bruno” is the perfect base for a new type of camping.
Flexible, independent, individual.
Always keeping the ecological and sustainable aspect in mind.

Handmade in Germany – from 16.680,- Euro (RRP)

Teardrop or Squaredrop?

*Known:*The American Teardrop-shaped Camper with bed and kitchen in the rear.

New and innovative: The Kuckoo Camper Squaredrop “Bruno”. The kitchen is located on the side and can be used from inside or outside. Natural materials create a unique feel good atmosphere. Thanks to the light construction, no additional driver’s license class is needed. Bruno is a a cozy retreat after trekking adventures, cycling tours or city trips because of its elaborate and adorable details.

A unique atmosphere – a space saving miracle!

What else do you need: A bed to sleep in, a shelter from bad weather and the possibility to make coffee. Why driving a kitchen in a camper all year round, why taking care of gas test or customer service, when there is Bruno? Bruno is also called mini caravan or teardrop camper. It fits in every garage and whenever you feel like it, you simply hit the road.

Bruno means freedom – no matter whether you see it as driving mattress with kitchen or as a new family member.

Bright. Friendly. Inviting.

Three big windows and the wood produce a warm light and a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the natural materials, Bruno has a pleasant indoor climate. All your bits and pieces find their place in the various shelves, compartments and storage possibilities. Now what is still important? Details! This might be the reason why most of the people fall in love with our lovely box, may it be on the first, second or third glance.

All that you need!

Whether you are a biker, kitesurfer or globetrotter – Bruno is your perfect companion. Everything finds its place in the slide-out drawer. A yummy pasta or fried eggs are easily cooked on the flexible gas cooker.

Sustainably ecological

Wherever possible and where it made sense, we focused on sustainable material. The complete body is made of wood. The camper inside is simply oiled. The outer skin is strengthened with epoxide resin and glass fibre and covered with a very resilient PU coating. For all add-on parts we pay attention to well-known manufacturer and outstanding quality.
Each vehicle is unique and is produced in manual work with lots of love. Thanks to the construction you have the option to change all about your Bruno.
You can hang pictures, extend the shelves, paint your own design. Make it the new family member!

Drivers license for trailer? Not needed!

Depending on the country you are living in – no trailers driving license is needed.
In Germany you are allowed to drive a braked trailer with your car, without a BE driving license, if the combination trailer including the towing vehicle does not exceed the 3.5 tons.
Since Bruno has an empty weight of only 530 kg and a permissible total weight of 750 kg – you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

By the way, maneuvering with Bruno is an easy play.

Tough and rugged

Thanks to the PU coating you don’t have to worry about the finish. It is more scratch-proof than traditional finish. You always have the perfect grip with the all-terrain tires.
Of course Bruno can also be equipped with BF Goodrich KO2 tires or with the tire combination matching your towing vehicle.

Let’s have the data!

The essentials in short: Length approx. 4,45 m, Height 1,85 m, Width 1,94 m. Basic Equipment Weight approx. 530 kg. Lie down space 2 × 1,4 m. The standard Bruno comes on a chassis with brakes and on demand also with a 100 km/h admission.
All windows have blinds and insect-screen. The basic equipment includes an engine (12V/230V) as well as inside and outside lighting. On request, next to the standard equipment, additional technical packages can be ordered such as solar collectors or converter.

More questions?
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The Basic Equipment of the Kuckoo Camper Model “Bruno” consists of the following:

Trailer with brakes 750 kg alternatively 1300 kg gross vehicle weight with heavy duty prop and strong nose wheel, module box made of multiplex wood, surface reinforced / strengthened with epoxide resin and 2K PU coating in RAL-colors.

3 real glass windows 800 – 450 mm with blinds and insect screen, pull-out drawer 1.170 × 330 mm including shelves for wine glasses, spice jars and mugs in the kitchen door.
Convenient storage inside entrance door; Dometic forced air circulation, 3 compartments with flap cover and magnetic lock, shelves and carpet in the interior

CEE shorepower with FI fuse, 230 V plug socket, 12 V power supply with 12 V plug sockets, LED interior lighting as well as outdoor lighting above the kitchen

Additional equipment so far:
Awning for caravan/camper, roof rack in 2 sizes, portable power supply 300 – 1500 Watts, solar panel, outdoor shower, bike rack on towing bar

We would like to give something in return!

Sustainability is important and is fully supported by us. In addition we would like to give something back to nature. With each sold Bruno, we will plant 5 new trees in your name.

You will get a certificate for your trees!

Your tree donation allows the planting of more woods. Trees filter tons of CO2 from the environment. The communities are actively involved in the projects that we support and new habitat for animals and plants will be created.