You simply have to love him!

Teardrop or Squaredrop?
Known: the American Teardrop-shaped Camper with bed and kitchen in the rear New and innovative: The Kuckoo Camper Squaredrop “Bruno”. The kitchen is located on the side and can be used from inside or outside. Natural materials create a unique feel good atmosphere. Thanks to the light construction, no additional driver’s license class is needed. Bruno is a a cozy retreat after trekking adventures, cycling tours or city trips because of its elaborate and adorable details.

Kuckoo Camper
Model “Bruno”

Drivers license for trailer? Not needed!
Depending on the country you are living in – no trailers driving license is needed. In Germany you are allowed to drive a braked trailer with your car, without a BE driving license, if the combination trailer including the towing vehicle does not exceed the 3.5 tons.
Since Bruno has an empty weight of only 530 kg and a permissible total weight of 750 kg – you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

By the way, maneuvering with Bruno is an easy play.

We would like to give something in return!

Sustainability is very important to us – we want to make the world a better place and give something back

Sustainability is important and is fully supported by us. In addition we would like to give something back to nature. With each sold Bruno, we will plant 5 new trees in your name.

You will get a certificate for your trees!

Your tree donation allows the planting of more woods. Trees filter tons of CO2 from the environment. The communities are actively involved in the projects that we support and new habitat for animals and plants will be created.

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